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    • Marihna

      No Dual Clienting!   03/22/2018

      Sorry Guys!!! There is No Form of Dual Clienting Allowed on LillitheRo! No Dual Clienting, Sandboxes, Dual PC, etc.

[Update] Maintenance Patch Notes 1.28.18

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience today during our maintenance. 


Here's your patch notes:


  • Fixed Refine System
    • The Refine system is now fixed and working properly
  • Quest Issues
    • Now that the database has been modified, quest issues have been fixed.
  • Settings NPC- NoExp fixed
  • Database Modification
    • Clashes due to pre-renewal and renewal databases have been fixed.
  • Map Issues
    • NPC's and map issues for certain areas have been updated.
  • #main has been corrected.
    • Will no longer change colors after each server reset.
  • RoDex Updated to English
  • GM Boxes Added as Prizes for Events
    • Info regarding contents to be added to the wiki within the week.
  • Pet Skills Activated
  • Homunculus Auto Loot Activated
  • @AutoTrade issue fixed
  • Arrow Crafting Numbers increased for elemental Arrows
    • Bloody Red = 2000 Fire Arrows
    • Green Live = 500 Stone Arrows
    • Crystal Blue = 500 Crystal Arrows
    • Wind of Verdure = 500 Wind Arrows
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