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    • Marihna

      No Dual Clienting!   03/22/2018

      Sorry Guys!!! There is No Form of Dual Clienting Allowed on LillitheRo! No Dual Clienting, Sandboxes, Dual PC, etc.

[Updates] Server Updates 1.11.18

A few small updates were added this morning. Here's a quick changelog to keep track:


  • Reset Girl and Stylist Sprite Change
    • Players that are using the Unofficial Lite Client now have access to the Reset Girl to reset their stats & skills.
    • Players that are using the Unofficial Lite Client now have access to the Stylist to update their hairstyle and color palettes.
  • Fixed Ayothaya dungeon warp so players must complete quest before entrance
  • Lowered Monster Coin drop rate to 2% for balancing purposes
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