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Forum/Wiki/Discord Update- 12.5.17


  • Update to Support Ticket.
    • General Updates applied
  • E-mail update. 
    • Registration and general e-mails from the forums no longer go to the spam e-mail box. 
  • Private Messaging Enabled.
  • Usernames digit limit increased. 
    • Usernames can now be created from anywhere between 4-26 digits. 
    • Usernames can include letters, numbers, hyphen & underscores.



  • Wiki has been installed, created and updated with general server information. 
  • Added Staff Pages
  • Added Automated Event Page
  • Housing Information Page
  • Cash Shop Page
  • Custom Quest Page
  • Player Command Page
  • Server Credits Page (Credit to all who have helped set up and update the server)



Updates courtesy of Windy

  • Official Discord Server has been updated
  • Beta-Testing Channel has been closed
  • General, Rules, & Support Channels have been added.
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