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[Event] 1 Month Anniversary Event!


1 Month Anniversary-Wings1.jpg

Good Morning Everyone!!


As some of you may have noticed, the 1 Month Anniversary Event has already begun! We've got some great prizes and events lined up for everyone for today!


As a login prize and 'Thank You' for being a part of our growing community, all players that login on February 6, 2018 will receive the following items!~

(Please keep in mind that all items obtained through the log-in event will be account locked)

  • Costume Wings of Uriel
    • 1MonthWings1.PNG
  • 1 Battle Manual
    • Increase Exp rate for 30 minutes.
  • 2,000 Cash Points
    • Players can use Cash Points in the Cash shop to obtain useful or cosmetic items. 



We've also got some fun GM-Run Events planned for everyone today! Throughout February 6, GM's will be running events and will be handing out prizes to players. An extra special treat will be given out during our Trivia Event this evening.


What you have to look forward to:

  • Nuke Dice
    • Random Times
  • Hide & Seek
    • Random Times
  • Cluckers
    • Random Times
  • LillitheRo Trivia
    • Around 5:30pm CST.
  • Town Invasion
    • Sometime after Trivia Finishes


We look forward to seeing everyone in game to enjoy these upcoming events! As an additional Bonus, the Valentine's event will begin later this week! Once we finalize the details, a notice will be posted on the forums with more information including dates, times, rules, etc.


Happy Gaming!~


~GM Team

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Sounds like fun! Thanks for all you do (:


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