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    Well Chewed Pencil/Model Training Hat bugs

    • Pending

    Okay so these items are a bit messed up.


    Equipping model training hat BY ITSELF gives

    2 def/2 dex. According to RMS this is correct. According to the item description, it's supposed to give 5 def. So the item description is probably wrong.


    Equipping well chewed pencil BY ITSELF gives

    7 hit/2 dex. According to the description it should be giving me 3 hit only, since I don't have model training hat.


    Equipping BOTH gives me

    4 dex/9 hit/2 def.

    It should be giving 4 dex, 7 hit (4 of which come from dex), and 4 def (or 7 if you go by what the description is on our server which I think is wrong).



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