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  1. Welcome to our server! It’s so nice to have you here
  2. Yes! This is great.
  3. @lowlins Oh my god they're SO cute!! Food themed names are the best! Also!!! @Marihna where are your pet pictures...I swore you posted some! D:
  4. @Felkner Eeee <3 Cuteness @WyattThat's really good !
  5. Welcome! You do awesome work
  6. Have any of you drawn your characters or anything else from RO? :3 BECAUSE I HAVE.....*sigh* I figure it's time to post something here because I used to draw. I only practiced a little bit when I was younger, up until 13/14ish. From then, I think I phased out of drawing and into dancing (hence why I'm a professional dancer and didn't stick to this medium xD). This is a rare piece from when I was 17 of me and my then-boyfriend on some RO characters we made up, not our mains lol.... o.<; *cringes at the bad art and those glasses*
  7. Congratulations <3 🎉
  8. Welcome!! So glad to have another new player here! We are working to grow the community!
  9. Welcome! Good to have you here!
  10. Hello! Welcome to the server
  11. Ohhh a playlist would be fun! Such a cool song btw! (I've heard I need to watch Champloo...)
  12. Welcome Ephriam! We're glad to have you here!
  13. Finally got my chibi! :D

    1. Izaiza


      it looks cuteee faeeeeeee

    2. Faebia


      Thanks Iza :D!

  14. One of my friends introduced me to this lovely genre of music recently. It’s great. I love the roots! *will post actual music soon I promise*