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  1. WIP, feel free to comment and add your experiences. I find the lack of partys on the server disturbing, so heres my 2 cents about partying hard. I hope this will inspire some players to pick up classes that are currently very rare and needed for partys like this. I have ranked the classes from most important (A) to situational (D). However this does not imply that lower ranked classes arent helpfull or needed for partys. In Fact many high lvl dungeons Require you to have bards and professors and such. A Core - The Priest Pretty obvious: The Priest is the core of any party, be it 2 people farming or larger partys delving into dungeons or killing mvp's. His heals let you go on farming forever and keep you from dying against mvps. His buffs will empower your whole party and his protective skills are vital to many mvp tactics. B Frontline - The Tank (Knight, Paladin, Monk, Blacksmith, Assassin, Taekwon Ranker(?) The Tank's job is to mob and/or tank your targets. A variety of classes can be tanks, but the idea is the same: Reduce the amount of damage the enemy deals by as much as possible, be it by defense, resistance, blocking, perfect dodge etc. Backline - The Damage Dealer (Hunter, Rogue, Wizard, Sage, Assassin cross, Creator) The Damage Dealers job is simple: Kill it with fire, or arrows, or acid. They are usually the most fragile members of the Party, which is why they should stay far away from anything hostile. C Supporter - The Mana Battery (Professor) Professors can provide the whole party with an infinite amount of SP, greatly increasing their sustained damage output and endurance, as well as enabling certain tactics, chain asura for example. While this is the greatest benefit of a professor in a party farming party, he has many more utility skills like elemental endows, land protector, dispel and spell breaker which are vital in certain mvp tactics. Supporter - The Musical (Bard, Dancer) While they make for below average damage dealers in terms of offensive capabilities, bards and dancers have extremely powerfull buffs for the whole party. Bards can greatly increase the damage of almost any Damage Dealer with A Poem of Bragi or Assassin Cross of Sunset. Dancers on the other hand can Reduce the sp cost of their party members, as well as increasing their maximum sp which is mostly usefull for asura strike. On top of that they can also increase their party members critical hit chance by a significant amount and debuff or dispell enemies that rely on attack speed or attack speed buffs like two hand quicken. They both also have a potent but risky mass aoe stun/freeze ability. D Failsave - The Rowdies (Blacksmith, Assassin, Rogue, Crusader, Monk, Sage) In the hopefully rare case someone fucks up, for example a mob sneaks up from behind the party, a damage dealer attacks too soon and attracts an enemy, or may god help you your tank dies, these players can help unfuck the situation, either by secondary tanking, crowd controlling, killing the treathening mob with high burst damage or similar means.
  2. added vfp suggestion edit: i realize this thopic is more about suggestions than bugs, would you mind moving it?
  3. damn that was fast kyre! ^^
  4. IM IN THERE! i really am! 1 million zeny to the one that finds me.
  5. reading this guide in the most bored-to-death voice makes it 10x better.
  6. could you do the same for dietrich?
  7. Could we get some insight into the discussion about bowling bash? Any arguments as to why it is not nescesary to fix it? I dont feel right having a serious suggestion declined with only 2 sentences.
  8. Added brandish spear and bowling bash suggestions.
  9. the scrolls say 3 minutes instead of 5.
  10. Added pierce bug(?) added land protector level select
  11. Brandish Spear: When using the skill on a fast enemy, he will often move into your space which is the X on this page, causing the skill to miss entirely. its annoying and makes no sense so i propose adding the X to areas being targeted. Bowling Bash: just make it a 3x3 targeted aoe its going to save you a lot of trouble, discussion, and make your knight players happy. theres also no reason to leave this skill in his broken state. Auto Counter+Land protector: would appreciate if this would be changed to be lvl selectable. Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception: Reminder about a humane way to reset this without breaking your fingers. Gallion: Seems to give less exp than they should, screenshots are broken right now. 99198 instead of 10020x10 (1002 exp difference) pierce doesnt seem to apply the +50 hit bonus, unless its a missrate-50% thingie Giant fly wing box /regular fly wing box in vfp shop - i came up with this when thinking about voting, and i thought "why should i vote to get those items", so i figured there would be more incentive to vote if there were items in there that you can actually use in your daily grinding, giant fly wings for mvp hunts or regular fly wing boxes to save weight are merely an example. to be continued