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      No Dual Clienting!   03/22/2018

      Sorry Guys!!! There is No Form of Dual Clienting Allowed on LillitheRo! No Dual Clienting, Sandboxes, Dual PC, etc.


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  1. Some variety in the automated events would be good!
  2. Sounds like fun! Thanks for all you do (:
  3. That is how I talk. So accurate.
  4. So Rand was pretty insistent that he needed this pencil to go with his book head apple thing so here we go! Here he is with the pencil in his mouth. Image of NPC: The NPC is called young student and it really close to where you spawn when you warp to Payon. I am standing on 150, 93 in this screen shot. Items required for this pencil are: 1 Bookclip in memory Kill Rideword. We already had this from killing Raydrics (gl-knt01) 25 Oil Paper Karkasa drop (ama_fild01) 25 Sharp Paper This was a little annoying because we had to go into amatsu dungeon and dodge a million shinobi. But you need to kill The Paper to get these (ama_dun03) 25 Slick Paper Karkasa drop , also dropped by the paper so you will have plenty of these. 5 Coal Skeleton Worker (mjo_dun02) or 3 if you have to go that far 1 Lemon Dyestuffs Dye making quest 1 Scarlet Dysetuffs Dye making quest And... An apple Take your pick on this one I am sure you already have many. But go ahead and smack a poring or a lunatic just one map south of Prontera. And there is it. You have a pencil you can chew on all you want. What a life.
  5. We have two cats and the are definitely my favorite animals! Potato is a Siamese lynx point and is 3. We got him first when we lived in an apartment where we couldn't have pets. We were about to move somewhere we could have pets so we went to the pet store and he was so cute we couldn't leave him there so we smuggled him into our apartment until we moved! Pumpkin is a Tortoiseshell. She is so sweet. We got her a year after we got Tato because he was lonely when we weren't home. He hated her at first but now they are best friends. They are my babies and I love them
  6. Ohio, USA!
  7. Such a small community I think getting rid of GM's takes away too many people. I trust the GMs and cheating on WoE seems like it would be very silly!