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      No Dual Clienting!   03/22/2018

      Sorry Guys!!! There is No Form of Dual Clienting Allowed on LillitheRo! No Dual Clienting, Sandboxes, Dual PC, etc.


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  1. Still can't post, halp

  2. Regarding the lag/delay when changing maps, this will fix it. However, be careful when editing stuff in regedit. https://talk.choobs.org/archives/1108
  3. Pretty much this. Although I think it will be pretty difficult to recruit.
  4. That would be a great temporary solution. I'm also soon in need of some Mr Smiles.
  5. You're absolutely right, after looking again, I found it is actually implemented; I had just not looked deep enough. However, it seems you can only switch from slots 1 to 9. It's missing the option for slot 10 to 12 that was added in the client recently.
  6. It looks like it's still missing, bumping this in case it was supposed to be fixed already but then something happened and they disappeared again.
  7. - The suffix for Mantis Card says "of Mustle" instead of "of Muscle" - Odin's Blessing[1] looks like a headgear in your item window - The Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament says "Location: Middle" in the description, but it's actually on upper when equipping it (this was already reported ingame, but leaving it here for organisational purposes)
  8. Ontario, Canada here!
  9. So no rush at all on the following suggestions, just putting these out there based on some feedback I heard in game and some personal suggestions. - Remove the respawn time for certain common monsters, like The Paper, Baby Leopard, etc. Many of those monsters are already unpopular and don't need to have a ~10-15 minute respawn time (or whatever their respawn time is). Why should they have it while most other mobs don't? There's obviously certain mobs that should not be altered. If approved, I can create a full list of mobs for each map that should have their timers removed or reduced. - Allow partying 2 chars from the same account into the same party. Not sure if it's intentional here or a bug, but it's sometimes troublesome depending on the type of party you're doing, and the first server I've seen that does this, and don't see what purpose it actually serves. - Disable screen shaking from certain effects, like Critical Explosion, Acid Demonstration, Meteor Storm, etc. Not as necessary right now, but when you're doing activities like WoE and you spam AD/Meteor with bragi, it will cause a lot of PC lag due to the shaking. Players could fix it themselves for Meteor Storm, but unfortunately it requires a client source edit for Critical Explosion, AD, etc. (it's an easy edit) - Name change service. A certain player wanted to change names, but didn't want to delete their high level char to do it. I think the client we're using has a native way to change names with this item: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=12790 This can also be a donation item. - Allow changing character slot location from the control panel. The CP should have a native way of doing this I believe, and the only reason I'm suggesting this is because any characters at the end seems to make the game lag more when changing maps. So for example, chars on slot 1 will load extremely quick, but chars on slot 9-12 will take a much longer time, and as far as I know, there's probably no way of fixing the lag/delay besides using a char in an early slot. - Add a "Reset both" option in the Reset NPC. Some builds requires both different stats and skills, so currently, if trans, we would need 2 cards to change builds and 1-2m depending on the level. I think this was already on the to-do list but just including it here in case it actually wasn't. - Speaking of resetting, a player wanted to see a sort of Build Manager NPC where you can pay some zeny to save up to 2+ different builds, and can swap them whenever needed. I think this would be essential in the future for WoE, but it should need a great cost to unlock since the current Reset NPC requires a card. Automatic events: - Add Poring Catcher, fair event that everyone can win (find the correctly spelled Poring in a small room full of Porings, every other poring will have an incorrectly spelled name like P0ring, Pooring, Por1ng, etc. I think this script exists somewhere in the rAthena/Hercules forum) - Make Cluckers automatic (unless it's already decided to keep it manual) - Find the Mushroom: Increase the minimum amount of mushrooms that can spawn to 3 at least, and add more towns to the list (I can create a list if this is approved) Phew. Sorry for the long list. (Note from Moderator: Added Pending Declined.)
  10. Temporary solution: @alootid +536 Using that to autoloot Ice Cream seems to work! Can't believe I never thought about it until now.
  11. Resetting stats has a strange behavior with the TK mission skill. I was doing a Steel Chonchon mission and I got to 15%, but never finished it. Eventually, I resetted the stats of my TK, and when I used the skill to check where I was at, it suddenly changed to Archdam at 0%. I said to myself "Okay, I'll have to remember to change that later". However, when I used the skill again at some point later, I was now at 15% for Archdam. So now I'm stuck on this mission. I could later attempt to reset my stats again to see if it changes again to something more easily doable...but it's still an issue that should probably be fixed at some point. Could it have anything to do with the debuff the Reset NPC does? This was also an issue in a couple of servers. Edit: Alright resetted my stats again unrelated to this and using the TK Mission skill right after changed my mission again (thankfully this time). At this point I kept using the skill until I got something doable. Eventually I switched chars and then back to my TK and I'm at 15% again.
  12. I already reported this via Discord, but just posting it here again for organization purposes. When equipping 1 Snowier Card, the Ice Cream drop is autolooted as per normal for every monster kill. However, when equipping 2 Snowier Cards at once, they suddenly don't get autolooted anymore and fall on the ground instead. This was also an issue in a past server.
  13. Thanks for the replies! Any decision for the Grand Cross change? One more suggestion: - Currently, when TK classes get a level, they receive a 10 minute long Blessing/AGI buff. Could we make that happen for everyone as well? I think it's especially helpful at lower levels when starting out.
  14. Totally +1. Storage is getting full quite often so it would help a lot.
  15. +1, also level selectable for Land Protector (because it has different sizes based on level).