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      No Dual Clienting!   03/22/2018

      Sorry Guys!!! There is No Form of Dual Clienting Allowed on LillitheRo! No Dual Clienting, Sandboxes, Dual PC, etc.


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  1. @Rand I've seen your posts, and once they've been discussed with the team, I can update the main list.
  2. Will be added in game. It will not be a monster drop, but we are setting up a system for specific equipment that can not be naturally obtained in game to be obtained via other methods.
  3. Sure thing! It's been discussed on multiple occasions in different situations so I'm not shocked if not everyone was around for it. We plan to add in a Guild Storage Feature in the Housing System that we plan to add. So the storage will not be available for access via normal kafra, but instead will be accessed from the Guild House. We plan to get the Guild and Individual Housing system implemented during the extended maintenance. Please let us know if there's anything else you'd like to add!
  4. Hahaha..... of course you can. Geeeeze. Maybe I'm thinking of just the level pages then. I'll check to make sure the gms are off all the ranking pages. Thanks Alma.
  5. The GMs should already not appear in the ranking list, but I can definitely re-confirm. We do plan to do quite a bit to re-vamp the rankings. Thank you for your input! I'll update the list as soon as I'm able! ^^
  6. Wiki Updates Daily Login Rewards List Cute Pet System Update Pet Table now reflects which pets can be obtained naturally or which must be obtained through Events or other means. Events Section added to Main Page. Monster Coin Trader page added. (Was previously Grape Juice Vendor) Server Information Page Update LillitheRo Donations
  7. Happy Easter, Lillithians!! Before we shut down for our extended maintenance, we wanted to make sure that everyone had one last big event! The Easter Event will run from the morning of March 24, 2018 to the evening of March 31, 2018 before server shutdown. Easter Egg Hunt The Easter Egg Hunt will run on Sunday, March 25th at 1:00 PM CST. Please speak with the Easter Bunny in Prontera to be warped to the event map! Players will have the chance to obtain the following items during this Easter Egg Hunt: Peter the Peep Enthusiast It's that time of year again, and Peter can't seem to get enough of the bunny and chick shaped marshmallows! He's pulled out a few headgear items this year that he's willing to trade for those tasty treats. He seems to have a sentimental attachment to those hats though, so he won't just give you them for 10 peeps. Adventurers will need to bring him 500 peeps per hat. Choose wisely. Peeps can be obtained a low drop rate % from all mobs in game. Bring these treats to Peter in Prontera to exchange for some Easter themed goods. In addition, there are Spring Rabbits outside of Prontera to the east, south and west that will drop Peeps, Marshmallows, and Jelly Beans. But be careful! There are some spring rabbits that won't drop peeps at all, but instead will drop healing items. Exchangeable Items: Easter Bunny's Missing Egg Help the Easter Bunny Find her missing Egg! Periodically, the Easter Bunny will announce that she has lost her Easter Egg. She will let you know where she believes she lost her egg, and it's your job to help her find it! Players will have 30 minutes to find the missing egg located in a random town. Prizes for this event will vary. Happy Easter!!
  8. Extended Maintenance 4/1/2018 - 4/30/2018 As discussed in the Town Hall Meeting yesterday evening, after extensive thought and careful consideration, the GM Team has come to the decision of temporarily shutting down LillitheRo for an extended maintenance. This Maintenance should last roughly 1 month and will begin on April 1, 2018 and run through April 30, 2018. During this maintenance period, the LillitheRo staff will be actively advertising to help promote player growth, fixing bugs throughout the server, and adding in more features and expansions that the community has asked for. We ask that everyone be patient during this time so that our team can wrap up the maintenance as soon as possible, and re-open to the public with several new and exciting features. As an additional note, there will NOT be a server wipe. Meaning all of the hard work put in by our players will not be removed or tampered with in any way during this maintenance. When the server re-launches on May 1st, everyone's accounts, items, guilds, etc. will remain the same as where they left it. For more information regarding updates and features that the GM Team will be working on during this maintenance, please see our Task List located here on the forums. We will do our best to keep this list as current a possible, but please understand that there is a separate Master List of features that will be added as well. However, the Task List on the Forums will be our Number 1 Priority during this transition period. We would also like to take this time to thank everyone who has supported and contributed to this server. We appreciate every one of you and hope that you'll stick around for our re-opening. (I'm a big fan of presents, so I'm sure there will be some extra presents on top of the new features and bug fixes at Re-Launch for all of our new and returning players.) If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself either via Discord or Forums, @Ivellious (Ivy) via Discord, or another GM via Discord.
  9. until
    You can find more information here.
  10. until
    You can find more information here.
  11. LillitheRo will be Re-Launching with new and improved features!
  12. until
    The server will be temporarily shut down for an extended maintenance. Please see __________ for more details.
  13. until
    Town Hall Meeting to go over urgent Server Matters and Updates.
  14. Temporary Server Shutdown for Updates: LillitheRo will be shut down on April 1st for a complete overhaul to process updates and add in new events. The server will Re-open on April 30. During this time, the GM Team will be working on some much needed fixes. We have gathered requests from the community, compiled a list of bugs/suggestions/TOP ONE issues that everyone would like fixed and will be completing these tasks as quickly as possible. Task List: Referral System Milestone System Daily Reward Item Stack Issue & Cash Points. Increase Storage Capacity Reset Girl: “Reset Both” Option Item stat and description issues (Player Requested Task List) Top One Task List: Increase Population/Advertising. 30+ minimum (Rand & Phoenix) Skill Bugs (Wyatt) More Variety with Automated Events (lowlins) Staffing Changes: Faebia has stepped down temporarily. Lowlins is taking over Social Media Kevin added as a new GM & Scripter Rem - Wiki updates. (Contributor) Nathan- Website Updates Wiki Updates: FAQ to be added to the Wiki
  15. Which classes which bugs? (Aside from knight and paly tier)