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  1. Uhm, I think they're already questable.
  2. Oh hey, Drizz sounds like a familiar name. Anyways, welcome to the server!
  3. Welcome to LillitheRO, Rene!
  4. +1 to this, to keep random trolls away :3
  5. -1. I have to agree with Rikazu & Shinsei, 15 sounds more fair.
  6. Welcome to the server Ephraim! Glad to see a swordsman in this server.
  7. LMAO, I can't find a better title : (
  8. Philippines, but I live in Greece!
  9. Nope, but the server's opening at 10:00 AM CST. Must be 1 hour and 30 minutes from now.
  10. Hi Iza! @Marihna yeah I noticed that too! LMAO
  11. Heya Tashigi, welcome to LillitheRO!
  12. Ah, and I thought I wouldn't see this post anymore! Good to see how long you've been running this guild over the years! I wish the best for your guild and most of all, enjoy
  13. @nubcake Haha, it's nice to see you here too! @Windy Tenchuu :3 @Faebia Thanks! . I wish I could travel frequently. I've only visited Italy and a few islands of Greece, but look forward to visiting other countries too!
  14. Hey Navinzair, welcome to the server! That name rings a bell! Have you by any chance played LenityRO back then? (I think you were guildmates with Nubcake)
  15. What's up Nubcake, great to see you here! That's the reason I stayed in that server for like 1 day then left, LOL. That was hell of a toxic community :<