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  1. Yesterday
  2. Aura Blade and Concentration aren't listed on the little side boxes that list buffs (like agi bless). I'm really not positive if this is a bug or not as I don't remember if it was on the last server I played. Regardless, it would be nice. Thanks!
  3. Berserk guitar and giant axe both have, in their descriptions, buffs to attack speed. On our server those buffs instead list reductions to after cast delay.
  4. Some variety in the automated events would be good!
  5. Pretty much this. Although I think it will be pretty difficult to recruit.
  6. Which classes which bugs? (Aside from knight and paly tier)
  7. Every class in the game has some form of bug with it right now.
  8. Last week
  9. Honestly the biggest/only thing for me is people to play with. Big enough is relative obviously, but anything past 30+ people playing is good for me. Thanks for everything!
  10. You asked for it so I'm planning on getting it to you! (Just not quite yet...) The GM Team is prepping the Task List for everyone, but right now I'd like to get everyone's TOP ONE issue that they would like resolved. Whether that be "Increase in population" or "This thing is broken OMG FIX ITTTTTT" or "I want more events and Ivy isn't doing her job!" Cool. Let us know what that ONE thing is that you're REALLY looking for, and we'll make sure to get that added to the top of our list. (Within reason of course.) We're working on doing a complete server overhaul and hopefully getting a ton of pesky issues out of the way to enhance gameplay for the community. I'd also like to personally apologize for the delay in any updates. I know GM Ivy has been away due to personal reasons (that I'm sure most of you are aware of) and I was away for a week sleeping off the stomach flu. So we understand that we are definitely in dire need of some updates and some events. Please get us your list so that we can begin working on them ASAP. I will keep the list updated here in this post for everyone to see and we will do our best to keep it as up to date as possible. Server Task List: Population/Advertising. 30+ minimum (@Rand & @Phoenix) Skill Bugs (@Wyatt) More Variety with Automated Events (@lowlins) PLEASE NOTE: If you respond with more than ONE task, anything said after the first task will be deleted and will be added to the master list at a later date. We just want to get everyone's MAIN issue resolved ASAP.
  11. Hello Everyone!! Recently, players have expressed some of their concerns to the GM team regarding the direction of the server, such as 'There's such low population', 'Will the server survive?' I'd like to go ahead and address some of these issues openly with the server as well as let everyone know that further issues will be discussed during our Server Town Hall Meeting later this week. First up: Q. "Will the server survive?" A. Yes. The ultimate answer is, Yes, the server will survive. If you are looking for a server with a booming population and constant toxic players, than this server is not for you and then I would have to change my answer to 'No. It will not survive.' If you're looking for a server that is close-knit and friendly, regardless of the population size. Then yes, the server will be around for a long time. I personally don't plan to shut down the server anytime soon, regardless of population size. This will be a home to all players for a long time to come. Q. "Will the server stay open only if it has donations?" A. No. The server will stay open regardless of donations. This question has been asked by several players and I feel it needs to be clearly stated so that everyone can see. LillitheRo does not rely on donations to live. Do they help? Absolutely! Will Marihna pay for the server out of her own pocket because she loves her community and the server they have built together? Yes. And I know I have gotten the same response from the rest of the GM team as well. (Ivy, Iza, and Faebia) So simply put, no we do not require donations to survive but they do help the server so the staff team doesn't have to go broke paying for everything on their own. Q. "Do my donations get pocketed by the GM team? What are Donations used for?" A. No, your donations do not go into our own vacation-fund. Instead, donations are used to pay for general server upkeep. Upkeep includes but is not limited to the following: Q. "What are you doing to help increase population?" A. This is a tricky question. As to what the GM Staff team is doing; we are advertising where we can, utilizing the 'Vote For' Sites, & Word-of-mouth. In addition, the staff team has been working on setting up a referral system and New Account bonuses. On the lines of "What are you doing to help increase population?" I'd like to reflect that question back to our players as well. Are you asking your friends to join? Are you making sure to vote every day to increase our position on the voting boards? Maybe you haven't left a positive review for the server yet? While I know that it is part of our 'job' to try to bring new players to the server, it is also up to the players to help spread the word and bring in their friends to help build our community. I know I preach community here, but if we all want the server to thrive, we all need to work together to make sure that it happens! ^^
  12. Earlier
  13. So when you type @whodrops 5104 (dark blinder MVP drop from RSX) it says no-one when it's clearly supposed to be RSX. Not sure if this applies to all mvp drops. Thanks!
  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Lillithians!! Want to try your luck? The St. Patrick's Day Event will run from Monday, March 12- Monday March 19, 2018. Old Lady Luck and the Lucky Clover There's a woman in Umbala known as 'Old Lady Luck'. Rumor has it she has a gift for finding Four-Leaf Clovers, which in turn can increase the luck of the person who holds it...It might be worth checking into. I hear she's been seen in the southwest area of Umbala. Obtainable Items And there's more to come! Please remember to check back for updates and we'll keep you posted!
  15. Good Afternoon, Lillithians! Here is a list of the recent changes that have been made to the server. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue to better the server! Server: Outgoing whispers no longer have the (###-###) behind them. Prontera updated to LillitheRo's default map.
  16. @Alma I'm so sorry for the delay. We finally got the issue figured out. Smile Assistants should now be back in every town. Currently the one in prontera has been moved from the center of town to the Vending Area just slightly south of the square so she isn't directly in the way of everything. Please let us know if you run into any other issues with these npcs.
  17. Staff of Bordeaux is quite broken! So according to RMS TEXT it's supposed to.. +175 MATK, +2 Int, +1 Dex And if you've mastered dragonology, SP cost reduced by 1% and Int +3 According to RMS SCRIPT it's supposed to 15% MATK, +2 Int,+1 Dex, And if you've mastered dragonology, SP cost reduced by 15% and Int +3 It CURRENTLY gives 0 MATK (you get the MATK from the Int but nothing else), +5 Int, +1 Dex, Reduces SP cost by 15% So I'm not sure what we want to do, it is unusual for a staff to give flat MATK so we should probably just follow the script. If we're going to follow the script, we just need to make it give 15% MATK to fix it! Thanks!
  18. Just going to one up this because I've received no response.
  19. That would be a great temporary solution. I'm also soon in need of some Mr Smiles.
  20. Maybe, Gm only have to use @shownpc Assistant Smile ... Or maybe i can give them quest item and they give me mr Smile...
  21. Hi everybody, I need : - Strouf Card - Cruiser Card - Coronet Contact: Alma IG. Thanks
  22. Perfect. That issue makes sense. Clearly an oversight when we added in the additional slots. I'll go ahead and add that to our list and get that taken care of as well. Thanks for checking.
  23. You're absolutely right, after looking again, I found it is actually implemented; I had just not looked deep enough. However, it seems you can only switch from slots 1 to 9. It's missing the option for slot 10 to 12 that was added in the client recently.
  24. Same humor as I have, nice!
  25. It looks like it's still missing, bumping this in case it was supposed to be fixed already but then something happened and they disappeared again.
  26. - The suffix for Mantis Card says "of Mustle" instead of "of Muscle" - Odin's Blessing[1] looks like a headgear in your item window - The Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament says "Location: Middle" in the description, but it's actually on upper when equipping it (this was already reported ingame, but leaving it here for organisational purposes)
  27. Hello My Pretties! We will be having a town hall tonight, Sunday March 4th at 9pm EST. Please come with your suggestions/feedback/bugs.
  28. -Allow players from same account in the same party. Added. By default the game doesn't allow multiple characters from the same account in the same party. (So no, there's really no actual reason for it...) - Remove the respawn time for certain common monsters, like The Paper, Baby Leopard, etc. Many of those monsters are already unpopular and don't need to have a ~10-15 minute respawn time (or whatever their respawn time is). Why should they have it while most other mobs don't? There's obviously certain mobs that should not be altered. If approved, I can create a full list of mobs for each map that should have their timers removed or reduced. We can look into this one. I'll get back to you with more information. - Name change service. Working on adding it in as a donation item. - Allow changing character slot location from the control panel. The CP should have a native way of doing this I believe, and the only reason I'm suggesting this is because any characters at the end seems to make the game lag more when changing maps. So for example, chars on slot 1 will load extremely quick, but chars on slot 9-12 will take a much longer time, and as far as I know, there's probably no way of fixing the lag/delay besides using a char in an early slot. I was under the impression that this was already a feature we had implemented. I'll look into it further. I'm wondering if it's maybe only something I can see as an admin account lol. - Add a "Reset both" option in the Reset NPC. Some builds requires both different stats and skills, so currently, if trans, we would need 2 cards to change builds and 1-2m depending on the level. I think this was already on the to-do list but just including it here in case it actually wasn't. I understand that this one is a long time coming. We're mainly trying to work out the kinks of how much it should cost. (obviously discounted since you're doing both at the same time but still) - Speaking of resetting, a player wanted to see a sort of Build Manager NPC where you can pay some zeny to save up to 2+ different builds, and can swap them whenever needed. I think this would be essential in the future for WoE, but it should need a great cost to unlock since the current Reset NPC requires a card. This option has already been discussed and will not be added. We offer the ability to reset player stats because we want to at least give the option. However, the goal was to get players to pick a build and stick with it. The reset feature is generally there in case of mistakes during the building process. Automatic events: - Add Poring Catcher, fair event that everyone can win (find the correctly spelled Poring in a small room full of Porings, every other poring will have an incorrectly spelled name like P0ring, Pooring, Por1ng, etc. I think this script exists somewhere in the rAthena/Hercules forum) - Make Cluckers automatic (unless it's already decided to keep it manual) - Find the Mushroom: Increase the minimum amount of mushrooms that can spawn to 3 at least, and add more towns to the list (I can create a list if this is approved) -Cluckers had been decided to keep him manual. -We're working on adding a few different poring catch events, they're in the process of being edited. -Get working on that mushroom list, @Phoenix. Shoot it over to me when you've got it figured out. ^^
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