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  2. I live in France too
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  5. I've added it to the list, Zodar. We'll take a look at it. ^^
  6. Changed Status to Pending
  7. So, this isn't a terribly big bug or anything, but when you cart revolution a mob it always gets pushed to the left regardless of what side of the mob you are standing on.
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  9. Scotland but Living in France ^^
  10. @Nova, I wanted to give you a quick heads up. We are still planning on increasing this, however it appears like it will require an SRC edit. So we're currently working on getting this bumped up. Please bear with us while we work out the details.
  11. Shinsei, I'm sorry I didn't realize I hadn't responded to the main part of this topic earlier. At the moment, we will not be adding in an NPC to change items into a costume version. A lot of our upcoming and future events offer chances to obtain costume headgears already. As for the stats, You'll simply need to wear the headgear item that grants the stats you'd like to have underneath whatever costume item you come across and plan to wear normally.
  12. Changed Status to Pending
  13. I confirmed with Iza that it's no longer in Prontera. We'll go ahead and look into this issue this evening. They were all where they were supposed to be a few nights ago so we're not quite sure what happened haha...
  14. We'll check into a more permanent fix for this one too. ^^ We'll let you know if we come across something better.
  15. Update: Moved to the now proper location in forums. @IronTears, I'm currently checking into the dilemmas in your post and will get back to you as soon as I have more information. At the moment I'm working on re-working the priority levels within our TO DO list.
  16. Hello everyone, i need to make a Mr Smile Mask but i can’t find NPC for this quest. I walk in all town to there location but nothing... http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=10000&qid=10001 Is it possible to repare this problem bécasse i can’t do the sign quest without it... thank you Alma
  17. Has been increased to 12 character slots instead of the original 9. @RikazuWhat do you even need more slots for? You keep deleting your ONE character
  18. Grand Cross Skill Change (Similar to Bowling Bash Gutter Lines) I'm working with the other GM's on this one so hopefully we'll have a final answer for this one soon. I do know we are not editing the bowling bash skill but I never personally use Grand Cross so I need to speak with a member that has more knowledge regarding that skill. - Add the command (forgot what it's called) to change the party member's HP bar to be SP instead. Essential command for professors (suggesting this on behalf of someone else). Still being worked on. This is going to require and SRC edit so it takes a bit more time to handle. Sorry for the delay, Rem. Character slots have been increased to 12 instead of the previous 9. Thank you for being patient!
  19. Mob

    This portion of the mobbing issue has been fixed. Now we're onto the second step of fixing the Emote issue where they stop stacking because they're using their emotes. :3
  20. Washington State
  21. Temporary solution: @alootid +536 Using that to autoloot Ice Cream seems to work! Can't believe I never thought about it until now.
  22. Good Afternoon, Lillithians! Here is a list of the recent changes that have been made to the server. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue to better the server! Server: Fixed Mobbing Issue The main Mobbing issue with monsters has been fixed. It has been noted that there may still be further issue regarding the emote feature to decrease mobbing ability. This is being looked into further. A future update should take care of the issue. NPC Chat Box Text no longer disappears on alt-tab or timeout. Character Slots extended to 12 instead of the previous 9. Night Mode/Day Mode Announcement has been updated. "The Night has fallen...." "The day has arrived!" New Events added. Shift+Right Click has been disabled. Players can no longer auto follow other players. Daily Login Rewards Players must be logged in for a full hour before they can collect that day's reward. New @Commands @dailyreward @collectreward @collectdaily @nextreward Items: Tuxedo has been fixed and is now an equippable item again. Forums: Updated 'Report a Player' Thread. Players may now submit private support tickets regarding the reporting of other players. Please use this feature to report any players that you believe may be breaking the rules. i.e. Dual clienting, botting, auto-clickers/auto-feeders, afk leeching, etc. Only the Original Poster, GM's and Moderators are able to see each individual thread. This means all your reports will be kept secret, so players will not need to worry about backlash from the rest of the community.
  23. Happy Valentine's Day, Lillithians!! We've got some fun events planned for this Valentine's Day! The Valentine's Event will run from the evening of February 9, 2018 to the evening of February 21, 2018 and will run alongside any events already planned by the lovely Faebia, Ivy & Iza. GM Marihna will still pop in and drop presents for players during this event as well. Giselle and the Missing Gift Baskets It seems like Poor Giselle has lost the Gift Baskets she made for Valentine's Day. Are there any kind adventurers willing to help her out? I heard she was offering some prizes to those who return any of the missing baskets.... Gift Chocolate Baskets will drop at a low % rate from all mobs in game. Bring these baskets to Giselle in Prontera to exchange for some high quality items. Exchangeable Items: Carls' Chocolaterie If you completely spaced off Valentine's Day this year, then you're in luck! Charles Orleans has offered to create gourmet confectionery treats for the Lillithian Community if they bring him some materials. All he asks is that players bring him 5 chocolates in exchange for 1 treat. In exchange for this service, however, the treats he will create will be random, as he is a master at crafting decadent chocolate treats. Chocolate can be obtained by slaying "Wild Gift Box" located outside the Eastern, Southern, and Western gates of Prontera. It seems as though their spawn may be limited, so try to find as many as you can before they disappear. Confectionery Treats:
  24. @Zawdrae, I'm sorry for the late reply. I believe I spoke with you over FB, and Iron Tears was able to get you the iteminfo.lua/.lub. Are you still running into issues? If so, please let us know and we can help you troubleshoot the problem. ^^
  25. Update: I think I need the itemInfo.lua and itemInfo.lub file under system folder? Can someone please upload it and I'll try. :--) Thanks.
  26. Hi. I'm having this //i don't really know// error in game. I can play but I'm getting this when I open cash shop, or double clicking the Costume Wings of Uriel from my equipment tab. Additional Info: - I downloaded the lite version - I have the latest KRO Here are the screenshots:
  27. Resetting stats has a strange behavior with the TK mission skill. I was doing a Steel Chonchon mission and I got to 15%, but never finished it. Eventually, I resetted the stats of my TK, and when I used the skill to check where I was at, it suddenly changed to Archdam at 0%. I said to myself "Okay, I'll have to remember to change that later". However, when I used the skill again at some point later, I was now at 15% for Archdam. So now I'm stuck on this mission. I could later attempt to reset my stats again to see if it changes again to something more easily doable...but it's still an issue that should probably be fixed at some point. Could it have anything to do with the debuff the Reset NPC does? This was also an issue in a couple of servers. Edit: Alright resetted my stats again unrelated to this and using the TK Mission skill right after changed my mission again (thankfully this time). At this point I kept using the skill until I got something doable. Eventually I switched chars and then back to my TK and I'm at 15% again.
  28. I'm not against this one. We'll think about it more once we get Rachel Dungeon unlocked. ;D
  29. This has been fixed. :3
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